Today the Interstate Renewable Energy Council (IREC) released the 13th annual National Solar Jobs Census, a comprehensive review of the U.S. solar energy industry’s employment and workforce development. The report shows California added over 2,400 solar jobs in 2022 and remains America’s solar energy leader with a total of more than 78,000 jobs, including more than 17,500 jobs in energy storage. California’s solar jobs are more than the other top ten solar states combined and account for almost 30 percent of solar jobs across the country. Not only did California have the most solar jobs added in 2022 (2,404) it was also the leading state in clean storage jobs (17,580).

Bernadette Del Chiaro, executive director of the California Solar & Storage Association (CALSSA) issued the following statement on the IREC report:

The quality and reliability of IREC’s comprehensive analysis of American solar and storage jobs nationwide and state by state is invaluable. 

California is building a clean energy future while creating high-quality jobs supporting tens of thousands of families. Last year, California solar workers built more than one power plant worth of solar energy every month (170 megawatts per month) and over two power plants worth of energy storage (250 megawatts of energy storage was added behind the meter). These projects created and supported jobs in every region of California, especially in the Central Valley. 

Not only does our industry help working families and small businesses save money on their electricity bills every month, we provide real climate change solutions by investing in behind-the-meter solar and storage technologies. 

California’s elected officials and decision makers must work to ensure the state’s clean energy progress continues with policies that support the continued growth of solar and storage.